How do we know if our kids are healthy?

We all want our children to be healthy, happy and thrive everyday of their lives, but how do we know that this is happening?
For most of us, we assume that since they are active, happy and free from symptoms that they are healthy. However, being free from symptoms is not necessarily a sign of good health. Take a cavity for example. Cavities can be present for weeks, months or even years before having any symptoms. That is why we get regular dental check-ups to detect cavities and other possible issues before they result in pain and other health problems. Just like a cavity, interference in the nervous system (aka Subluxation) can be present for weeks, months or even years without any symptoms. It’s the nervous system that controls every cell, tissue, organ and function of the body. Just think- if there is interference in it, your body will no longer function optimally (and you may not feel it.) In other words- just because you feel good doesn’t mean you don’t have health problems. We hear this time and again in the office. This is exactly what one parent discovered after having her daughter checked at our office.
Mom had started care at our office for migraines, allergies, back and shoulder pain. After seeing great improvements in her own health and attending our Natural Health Orientation, she understood that the nervous system controls every function of the body and that when it is interfered with the body won’t work optimally. Like any parent, she wants her children living the healthiest, happiest lives possible and decided to have the checked for subluxations and nerve interference. She had expected that her husband and son may have some interference in their nervous systems, but she thought her daughter was healthy since she did not have any symptoms of pain or illness.
When she saw the results of their exams there was no surprise that the husband and son had interference, but the daughters results were quite a shock to everyone. The daughter not only had nervous system interference that would have otherwise been undetected, but a scoliosis (curvature of the spine) at only 4 years of age. The x-ray on the left is her from her initial visit. It shows the curvature and an 18mm difference in the height of the pelvic bones. The X-ray on the right show the amazing changes made to this little girl’s spine! In only 5 months the scoliosis has started to straighten out and the difference in her pelvic bones has been reduced by 50%! If mom wouldn’t have gotten her checked this would have been missed and who knows the path her health would have gone down if it had progressed.


Just like the cavity, this little girl was living with interference in her nervous system that did not have any symptoms to alert her parents that there was a problem. Is this happening to you, your child or your loved one?  It might just be me, but I would rather know if my body is functioning on the inside than only leave it up to how I feel.  Why not get your whole family checked and find out!